Forget everything you know for 60 minutes and get ready for a new unique experience

You'll remember this for years to come and you'll be dying to share it with all your friends

Claustrophobia is an adventure

These are new generation reality quests. Solve various tasks in completely interactive and realistic environment. Amazing special effects and unbelievable atmosphere will get you completely immersed into the game plot.

  • It's like a movie or computer game… only it's real!

    Why watch movies or play computer games when you could be part of one yourself?

  • This is a team game for friends or families (2-5 people).

    And teamwork is your key to victory here.

  • You will be locked inside the game

    You will find yourself in an abandoned haunted hut, try to escape from a secret laboratory where horrible experiments are performed on people and even visit a parallel universe.

  • To complete your mission and escape the room,
    you'll have to try hard.

    Any object in the game could be that very missing part of the puzzle you need to win. Everything can be touched, moved and combined. Look for unexpected clues and solutions and be very attentive!

  • You have only 60 minutes

    Whether you wWill you manage to overcome the your fears, to rally a team and to come out the as a winner?

Choose your mission

To escape you'll need to look for clues, do puzzles and stay alert. This won't require book smarts, but instead mental agility and team play. Only you determine whether you win or lose!

escape the room

In search of Gulliver

Gulliver took you to his second voyage to the land of the giants. As soon as you arrived at Brobdingnag and entered the house of one of the giants, Gulliver disappears. Mysterious whispering informs you of the fact that in an hour a cat will appear in the house to catch mice. You are just the right size, and Myrmryg is not used to examining his prey. It’s time to run without looking back!

Comfortable casual clothes and footwear are recommended for this quest.

  • Baku
  • AZ1000, Baku city, Necefgulu Rafiyev str. 14, Xatai
  • +994775001001
  • 2 - 5 players
  • 60 minutes

Under Construction

Minimum age: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them

Choose the time of the game

escape the room

The Fear

On the outskirts of a small town there is a dark forest, and deep in the forest- an abandoned orphanage. Local people say that many years ago its headmaster used to pay for his own immortality with the souls of the children. Then suddenly the orphanage was empty in one night. “Nonsense” - you thought and went to explore this place of horror. Well, now you are here, in an empty abandoned building. It's time to come back, but it seems something won't let you leave yet.

  • Baku
  • AZ1000, Baku city, Necefgulu Rafiyev str. 14, Xatai
  • +994775001001
  • 2 - 5 players
  • 60 minutes

Under Construction

Minimum age: 14+ years old with parents, 16+ without them

Choose the time of the game

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AZ1000, Baku city, Necefgulu Rafiyev str. 14, Xatai

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About the Claustrophobia project

Claustrophobia is all about your impressions and your chance to try something completely new leaving your comfort zone. We're proud to be the first in Russia to have created a reality quest network where each room offers an opportunity to have a new unique experience.

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